Best Basics of Computer Training in Marathahalli

Best Basics of Computer Training in Marathahalli

Staying competent and running before the fast-moving world is a necessary skill to achieve success. In this digitalized world, learning basic computer abilities is crucial to surviving for any individual. Our’s is one of the best computer training centre in Marathahalli.  To stay updated with the emerging trends and to expand your possibilities, learn basic essential computer knowledge from RIA,who provides best basics of computer training in Marathahalli. 

Best Computer Training Centre in Marathahalli

Why take Basic Computer Course in Marathahalli

Computer literacy is a critical dexterity to conquer in this heavily computerized business world. A highlighted computer expertise in your CV gives you an upper hand in recruitment over your competitors. That means that you are able you keep-up with the upgrading trends and prove your competency to learn new things. For a professional or a student, learning the official formatting on how to create an email is an indispensable part of their career. It also helps you to take additional responsibilities and makes you a more appropriate candidate in the room. Using computer applications can explore how to make impressive presentations using slide shares and construct reports effectively. Our institute for basic computer courses in Marathahalli gives you the advantage of learning from the beginning to gain deep knowledge about basic computer skills. Only if you know the basic operational techniques you can develop them further and study other complex applications of software.

Why choose RIA basic computer courses in Marathahalli?

With a recognized label from Google that elected our institute as the best basics of a computer training in Marathahalli, we provide you with a necessary ambiance that is essential to learn basic computer skills. We have an advanced lab facility to practice what you learn. Our professionals are certified trainers with decades of experience. They have already mastered the technology and assisted you to improve your technical competence by introducing various programming languages to you. Through engaging classroom experience and applied theories, you can learn the course through various innovative teaching techniques.

Our basic computer course covers all the basic concepts that you need to know as a budding professional. We have developed the easiest way to learn the skill and in a perfect learning landscape where you can modify your knowledge and functions about the gadgets. This technical course is available at an affordable rate and we value each penny and time that you spent studying. Our basic computer courses in Marathahalli,Bangalore are the ideal place to improve your computer competence, with an adaptive, student-centered learning approach.

We house both freshers and professionals who wish to learn the nuances of the technology in our center for basic computer courses in Marathahalli. We enable you with a smooth learning experience and have flexible learning hours. The option to choose weekdays or working days lies up to your choice.

This is a beginner’s course, so we commence the course with the basics of computers like the parts and different types of the computer to familiarize from the elementary. Then, you will learn about Viruses, Windows 7, application software, the internet, emails, basic audio-video editing, hard disk formatting, and so on. 

Duration- 30 Hours

Fundamentals of Computer:

  • Introduction
  • Input / Output & Processing (CPU)
  • Memory Device
  • Types of computers
  • Characteristics of Computer
  • History & Generation
  • Applications of Computer

Windows 7 Overview:

  • Some Basic Terminology & Typing Skills
  • Desktop Settings & Control Panel
  1. Search
  2. Run
  3. File & folder management
  • Ms. DOS
  • Ms. Paint
  • WordPad
  • Accessories & Multimedia

E-mail & Internet:

  • Introduction
  • E-mail Account & Its Functions
  • Search Engine
  • Surfing WebPages
  • Basics of Social Networking Site


  • General Introduction & Antivirus Utilities

Application Software:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Introduction to Ms access
  • Working with Ms outlook express

Additional overview:

  • Burning CD/DVD 
  • Basics of Audio/Video editing
  • Fundamentals of Hardware & Networking
  • Formatting Hard disk
  • Scanning & printing the documents

Course: Basic of Computer

Duration: 1 & ½ Months

Fee: 5000 + tax