Best Data Science Training in Marathahalli

Best Data Science Training in Marathahalli

Millions of data are produced every day. With boundless opportunities knocking, the promises offered by studying data science is not limited. You can unlock these limitless chances by enrolling yourself in the best data science training in Marathahalli. RIA has been ranked by Google as the institute that offers the best data science courses in Marathahalli, and we aid you to fulfill your dreams with the help of our dedicated mentors. Also we offer best full stack training in Marathahalli

Best Data Analytics Training in Marathahalli

Why get data science training in Marathahalli

There has been an enormous demand for data scientists and studies have fortified the fact that this necessitates will only intensify in the near future. With tons of data produced by thousands of firms, the job requirement for data scientists is said to be limitless. Moreover, it is a highly paid job, with high security, and registering yourself in a data science course in Marathahalli will help to smooth your future pathways. It lets you develop high skills in decision formulation, predictive analysis, and pattern identification. 

Since individuals with quality skills are in short supply, getting the best data science training in Marathahalli will be your golden ticket to a limitless future. We also provide best java training in Marathahalli

Why Choose The RIA data science course in Marathahalli ?

We have been in the field of instruction and mentorship for more than a decade and have already successfully trained more than two thousand students. We accelerate your learning experience by providing flexible timings, and you can cherry-pick your timings based on your easiness and comfort. In our data science course in Marathahalli, there are regular classes on weekdays and weekends to select from. We impart classes to both freshers and young professionals alike. If you wish for a career shift, then joining our data science training in Marathahalli is the top preference to elect. 

You will be assisted in every part of the course with our passionate mentors. Our teachers are certified professionals, who hold years of experience in education and they create a student-interest aligned teaching method that positions you as the locus point. RIA institute for the data science course in Marathahalli has an engaging classroom learning environment that nourishes your knowledge and understanding of the subject through real-life examples. We will be provided answers for all your quires and tips to augment your proficiency. We believe that adopting a practical approach to apply the hypothetical knowledge will help your future studies, hence have formulated a course that encourages the real-world practice of theories. While studying our data science course in Marathahalli you will be benefited from our advanced lab facilities, and project assistance. We nurture a healthy bond between students and teachers to build an all-inclusive environment. 

Our novel curriculum is thoughtfully calibrated to cover all essential features of data science. Our experts and students of the data science course in Marathahalli have been working with highly reputed MNCs in and around the country. The courses are designed to enhance your chance of employability and is constantly updated according to present-day relevance. Taking the RIA data science course in Marathahalli will be a total save for you, as we have an affordable and unique syllabus devised for an all-encompassing audience.


Module 1. Introduction

Module 2. Jupyter and Numpy

Module 3. Pandas and Matplotlib

Module 4. R for Data Science

Module 5. SQL for Data Science

Module 6. Machine Learning - Introduction

Module 7. Linear Regression

Module 8. Logistic Regression

Module 9. Support Vector Machine

Module 10. Naive Bayes

Module 11. K-Means Clustering

Module 12. KNN

Module 13. Artificial Neural Network

Module 14. Natural Language Processing

Module 15. Project Section

Module 16. Google Cloud for Data Science