Best DevOps Training in Marathahalli

Best DevOps Training in Marathahalli

DevOps is an emerging trend that is going to take over the software development world in the next few years. To improve the efficiency and to produce good developing codes more and more service engineers are getting best DevOps training in Marathahalli. With many useful features that can be employed easily, studying DevOps will aid you to cope with the immense pressure in the tech world. Also we provide best Tally ERP 9 training in Marathahalli

Training methodology used for conducting DevOps course includes ease of understanding DevOps concepts, latest examples in DevOps classes and real time practical exposure. This ensures that students opting for best DevOps training in Marathahalli, Bangalore get value for money. Our DevOps course content is structured to cover all concepts under DevOps Training.

Best DevOps training in Marathahalli

Why choose RIA DevOps training in Marathahalli ?

RIA institute has developed a job-oriented DevOps training in Marathahalli, to keep you on track and to lock a good vocation after the completion of the course. Our syllabus is knitted to fit the industry demand and the relevance of the course which will further assist you in your path to success. With RIA’s best DevOps training in Marathahalli ,which provides the best teachers who are certified professionals in the field of software development and advanced lab facilities to practice what you learn in the class environment. Our educators reassure a student-centered learning classroom where you will get opportunities for a practical application of the theories. Our DevOps training in Marathahalli has the best professionals who are approachable and give beneficial constructive consultancy for the students.

We have devised flexible timings for students who wish to join us, and you can be a part of our endeavor on weekends and weekdays according to your appropriate schedules. We train both professionals and freshers, however, this program targets a specific audience who wish to pursue a career as a DevOps Engineer or a Service Engineer. If you have prior fundamental knowledge of Linux and Networking, then this course will suit you the best. RIA’s DevOps training in Marathahalli has a wide stretch of experience and we strive to maximize your experience through this extensive course.

Why study DevOps training?

Software developers are in high demand, and in this landscape improving your aptitude for more tech-savvy courses will help you to stay reorganized. If you wish to be a Project Manager, Testing Professional, Software Developer, or Architect, then this course is concocted for you. DevOps is one of the latest trends and within this short time, more than 46% of the new hiring companies can be looking for people who are trained in this course. It helps you to deliver quality products that are error-free and bug-free. If you are keener on multiplying your productivity and seeking a reliable release then, getting the best DevOps training in Marathahalli will help you to achieve this goal.

Course Summary

In our DevOps training in Marathahalli, you will learn the various attributes and significance of the subject. This 35-hour course commences with the basic concepts of DevOps, infrastructure automation, and the scope of the DevOps. You will learn the reliability, delivery, infrastructure code, deployment, and composition. Our teachers assist you to develop knowledge about Docker, and the various activities involved in using and engaging Docker. There will be classes on Chef, Vagrant, Complete Lamp Stack, Puppets, Kubernetes, Jenkins, and an overview of DevSecops. After the conclusion of the training program, you will grow a comprehensive knowledge of its scalability, and availability. 



Duration-35 Hours

Introduction to Devops

  • Devops Basics
  • A DevOps Culture
  • Devops Blocks
  • Automation of Infrastructure
  • Continous Delivery
  • Reliability
  • Future of Devops

Infrastructure as Code

  • Introduction
  • Public Cloud AWS
  • Provisioning, Deployment and Orchestration

Getting Started With Macro


Learning Docker

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Using docker and Building Docker Images
  • Orchestration usind Docker

Learning Chef

  • Introduction and Fundamentals
  • Vagrant
  • Complete Lamp Stack
  • Receipe to Cookbooks
  • Full Scale using Chef

Learning Puppet

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up Environment
  • Managing Nodes and Modules

Learning Kubernetes

  • Containerization with Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Making it Production Ready

Continous Delivery and Continous Integration

  • Concepts and Introduction
  • Building a Pipeline using Jenkins

Software Version Control

  • Concepts and Introduction
  • Subversion, TFS and GIT

Devops and Agile

  • Introduction to DevSecops