Best Selenium Training In Marathahalli

Best Selenium training in Marathahalli

With an evergreen opportunity for software testers, the possibility of studying Selenium testing is boundless. If you need to pursue a vocation as a software tester, then choosing RIA, one of the best Selenium training in Marathahalli brings several advantages to augment your learning experience. Also we provide best manual testing training in Marathahalli.

best selenium training in Marathahalli

Why Choose RIA Selenium Training in Marathahalli?

Our institute has been training aspirants for a decade and now we are one of the most established institutions to provide effective academic training programs. With the help of our skillful professionals, we have been delivering the best educational course that possesses tremendous relevance in the modern era. All our instructors are trained specialists, with vast knowledge in their areas of studies. They are certified teachers who strive to build a student-centered learning environment. Through concrete examples and pragmatic teaching methods, they give passable importance to the everyday practice of the notional information. We aid you with flexible class timings and as per your aptness, you can register for our best Selenium Training in Marathahalli during working days or weekends. You can also choose a Fast-track course to finish it quickly. We provide you an all-embracing course, that covers all the aspects of Selenium testing.

Why study Selenium?

Selenium is the most widely used testing framework to validate web applications. Most of the companies are now shifting to choose Selenium automation testing, as it is a more affordable and quick tool of software testing. To stay pertinent with the current trends of automation engineering, you can get into our best Selenium training in Marathahalli. You will efficiently learn to identify bugs and errors that are overlooked by developers and you can stay competitive in the job market by delivering an uncompromising quality service. Because of its open-source nature, it can be used on all browsers and companies are becoming highly dependable on these cross-platform functionality testing tools. With high-in-demand and high-pay, mastering the operations of the most commonly used automated testing, Selenium will help you to pocket the numerous benefits that accompany it.

Course Summary of Selenium Training in Marathahalli

In this course, our instructors teach you the various properties and qualities of Selenium. In the introductory classes, you will be assisted to understand the facets of automation testing, Selenium, its alternatives, platforms, and its functionalities. You will be trained in Selenium IDE, how to set it up, a deep dive into its traits, test suits, editing scripts, and script examples. You will be given inputs on JavaScript, UI Elements, and User Extensions. RIA Selenium training in Bangalore will facilitate you with a  detailed study on Selenium commands, locator elements, verification commands, Wait commands, etc. We will train you in Selenium remote control, Selenium RC Server, RC architecture, and so on. You will be aided with Object-Oriented Concepts, Java Concepts, collection library, database validation, etc. There will be classes on the frameworks with Selenium, Junit testing, execution, introduction to Selenium 2.0-web driver, its functionalities, and Script creation using Web driver, and many more. With our best Selenium training in Marathahalli, you will also learn about advanced page objects, how to set up Selenium grid collection, and automation frameworks, which include modular, keyword-driven, and hybrid. 


Selenium Basics

Selenium IDE

Common Selenium Commands in Detail

Selenium Remote Control (RC)

Java Concepts for Selenium

Frameworks with Selenium – Junit, TestNG

Selenium 2.0 (Web Driver)

Page Objects Advanced:

Automation Frameworks