Best Spoken English Classes in Marathahalli

Best Spoken English Classes In Marathahalli

Do you wish to improve your communication skills and develop a grand business vocabulary?

 Ria offers best spoken english classes in Marathahalli ,which is a  perfect platform that offers a three-tire innovative course for individuals who wish to develop proficiency in the English language and communication.  With the esteemed assistance of our professional trainers, you can easily master the most widely used language in the world. Our holistic platform provides comprehensive & best language classes in Marathahalli that covers all modules and educates you with basic, intermediate, and advanced English.

Best spoken English Training in Marathahalli

Why choose our Communicative English Classes

Ria has been rated by Google as the best coaching center to provide Spoken English language classes in Marathahalli,Bangalore. With exceptional experience in the academic instruction industry, we have already given practical and theoretical training to over 2000+ students. Moreover, we understand the practicality of using the language and hence instruct you not only with daily vocabularies but also business English vocabulary usage to interconnect like a native speaker. 

We provide one of the best spoken english classes in Marathahalli. You will be also benefited from our flexible coaching hours that are formulated to provide all-inclusive guidance to students and adults. Based on your convenience and schedules Students and IT professionals can enroll in weekend and weekday classes. If you are in a hurry to learn then Fast Track Training is the best to opt for to complete the course within a short period. 

By the end of the course, you will easily ace the four modules – listening, reading, writing, and speaking and likewise will be able to widen your exposure through our best language classes in Marathahalli‘s practical approach of teaching.

Our courses and syllabus

1. Basic Spoken English Classes (30 hours)

To develop rudimentary communicative skills, you can unlock this basic course for spoken English classes in Marathahalli which will instruct you to develop free speech, provides a replacement of ordinary vocabulary usage with more innovative words, cultivate more literature and academic-oriented writing styles and reading materials, and finally, educate you with basic grammar and its usage.

2. Intermediate spoken English course (40hours)

At the intermediate level, to progress your capabilities we have divided the course into two – General English and Business English.  Our spoken English classes in Marathahalli, Bangalore enrich your efficiency in language grasping by training you with appropriate pronunciation, extensive vocabularies, academic essays, memorandum, advanced grammar. To apply the language in real-life situations we have included role-plays, which will further boost your knowledge. Get an additional hand in resume building, interview handling, as well as email writing. You are assessed depending on your interactional capacity and performance on other modules. 

3. Advanced Business English course (40hours)

Business English entails a different level of practice, as it has many variants used for international trade, insurance, banking, and business activities. Business terminologies are the prime focus of this course and you will be also trained in handling telephone conversations, meeting vocabularies, negotiation making, debates, and finally public speaking. You are also aided with appropriate writing skills including memos, letters, and notes. Contact us to get the perfect training center for spoken English classes in Marathahalli to expand your skills. 


Duration- 30 Hours

Free Speech on topics such as:

Vocabulary Building

Passage reading & writing( topics such as ) :-

  • The Opera
  • The Wolf
  • The tempest

General Discussion( on a wide range of topics as) :-

  • My most memorable photograph
  • Why it is the most memorable photograph
  • Who had taken the photograph & when
  • My most favorite animal/do you have any pet?
  • How do you like to spend time with your pet?
  • How creative are you?

English Grammar

–  Noun 
– Pronoun 
– Adjective
– Verb
– Adverb
– Preposition
– Interjection
– Conjunction


  • Definite
  • Indefinite


Tense :-

  • Present Tense
  • Past Tense
  • Future Tense
  • Present Tense
  • Present Continuous
  • Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect
  • Past Perfect
  • Future Perfect
  • Present perfect Continuous
  • Future perfect continuous
  • Framing of simple sentences

Written Communication

  • Composition-50 words
  • Semi-Formal Letters-Leace Application

Course Duration - 40 Hours

The course aims at developing a wide range of Communication skills used in English:

Course objectives:The main objectives of the syllabus are:

Methods of assessment: Assessment is by coursework (40%), which integrates the following:

Extempore ( These would be some of the extempore topics)

  • Globalization
  • My turning point in life
  • If I were a PM
  • My ideas on how to make life better
  • Ships docked in the harbor  faces no storm
  • Money or success. What would you prefer and why?

General Discussion( few of the topics)

  • Role of English
  • Role of fashion
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of social networking site
  • Cinemas are corrupting the minds of youth

Role Play on real life situations for instance:

  • Visit to a bank
  • Booking a hotel accommodation
  • Visit to a consumer showroom


  • Anonyms/Synonyms/Prefix/Suffix

Passage reading, storytelling and writingGrammar

– Definite
– Indefinite

-Present Tense
-Past Tense
-Future Tense
-Present Tense
-Present Continuous
-Past Continuous
-Present Perfect
-Past Perfect
-Future Perfect
-Present perfect Continuous
-Future perfect continuous
-Framing of simple sentences

Written Communication

  • Business Letter
  • Semi-formal Letter
  • Email writing guidelines
  • Essay Writing(100-150words)
  • Resume writing( functional resume) and writing applications.

Duration- 40 Hours

– Revision of basic & intermediate 
– Phrasal Verbs

– Meaning of words (Synonyms)
– Opposite of words (Antonyms)
– Confused  pair of words 
– Exercises and Quizzes
– Debates
– General Knowledge

– Corporate email etiquette
– Essay (200-250 words)
– Business  letters
– Precise writing

– Personal Interview Techniques for professionals 
– Resume Preparation (professional chronological resume)
– Soft skills

Syllabus for Diploma Course in Business English

Course Duration - 100 Hours

  • Complete Basic syllabus
  • Complete Intermediate syllabus
  • Complete Advance level syllabus
  • Punctuation
  • Precis writing
  • Writing of negative sentences pattern for ordinary sentences
  • Writing of negative sentences pattern for passive voice
  • Writing of interrogative sentences pattern for ordinary sentences
  • Writing of interrogative sentences pattern for passive voice SENTENCES
  • Tongue twisters
  • Essay writing
  • Meeting notice, memorandum etc
  • Minutes writing
  • One word substitutes
  • Proverbs-expansion
  • Idioms, phrases
  • Appropriate words and expressions
  • Foreign words and phrases
  • Conversation on common topics/day to day life matters
  • Public speaking on current topics
  • Group discussions
  • Resume/CV writing
  • Interview skills
  • Positive attitude/ mind set up  tips
  • Stress removal tips
  • Health tips
  • Tips for successful life career
  • E mail writing