Best SQL Training in Marathahalli

Best SQL Training in Marathahalli

Do you wish to study one of the biggest and oldest established languages for databases? If you want to unlock a vast highly rewarding pursuit, our best SQL training in Marathahalli will help you do achieve it. We also provide best Oracle training in Marathahalli & best Oracle PL/SQL training in Marathahalli

Best SQL Training in Marathahalli

Why Get SQL Training in Marathahalli ?

This evergreen technology is massively employed by numerous business magnates and the future scope of it will only widely expand to cover so many sectors like health, science & technology, retail, etc.  Being regarded as the most popular data work of 2021, learning SQL makes it easier for you to secure a good position. Even after the completion of top-picked courses like JAVA, companies are still hesitant to choose people who do not have rudimentary knowledge about SQL. All major companies need a database and SQL is extensively used, promising you a bright career ahead.

Using SQL the data integration will feel like a breeze, as you can simply merge them to complete the task. When compared to Python and other data analytical languages, the demand for SQL still remains at its peak. Studying SQL training in Marathahalli is going to fetch you more opportunities as it is the number one favored among data scientists and data engineers.

Why Study at RIA SQL Training in Marathahalli ?

In our institute, we have trained professionals who integrate creative approaches and teaching methodologies to make the course exciting for you. SQL is easy to learn and grasp, but if you have any queries and questions, our experts will assist you with the necessary answers. We have over a decade of experience in teaching and have trained more than 100 + students in SQL. You will be assisted with your projects and we have lab facilities that allow you to practice the skills that you have in the classrooms.

If you got inconveniences in attending classes then we have devised flexible class timings that permit you to enroll according to your convenience. In our SQL training in Marathahalli, there will be regular classes from Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday and you can choose the class timing to match your schedule. There are Fastrack courses that enable you to conclude the entire course within a shorter period of time. The syntax of the course is similar to English, so you will get the additional advantage of that too.

Course Summary

In SQL training in Marathahalli, the syllabus is designed to include a job-oriented practical curriculum to secure adequate skills that your employer seeks in you. To improve your proficiency we use real-time examples and scenarios to make the course easy and interesting. You will learn about users and schemes, creating an application schema, pseudo columns, and functions, using Rowid, simple subqueries, etc. Our teachers of SQL training in Marathahalli educate you in joining tables, group operations, ROLLUP functions, Set operators, conditional processing, DECODE functions, SQL character functions like LPAD, INSTR, TRIM, etc. They will also clarify the SQL non-character functions and SQL data manipulation language. To make you more capable there is a second part of the course, that will make you more skilled in the advanced analytical SQL functions. 

  • Introduction to Users and Schemas
  • Definitions and Client Tools
  • SQL Developer Login
  • Creating An Application Schema
  • Using The Dual Table 
  • Functions 
  • Pseudo-Columns 
  • Using Rowid 
  • Using Rownum 
  • Simple Subqueries 
  • Inline Views 
  • Correlated Subqueries 
  • Scalar Subquery 
  • Review of Joins 
  • Equijoins 
  • Inner Joins 
  • Outer Joins 
  • Cross Joins 
  • Natural Joins 
  • Using Named Subqueries
  • About Group Processing 
  • Simple GROUP BY 
  • ROLLUP Function 
  • Set Operators Defined 
  • Relationship to Mathematical Set Theory 
  • Restrictions on Set Operators 
  • The DECODE Function 
  • The Case Expression 
  • Exercise: Conditional Processing 
  • What Are SQL Functions? 
  • Character Functions 
  • INSTR 
  • UPPER 
  • LOWER 
  • LPAD 
  • RPAD 
  • TRIM 
  • TO_CHAR 
  • Numeric Functions 
  • The TO_CHAR Function with numbers 
  • Date/Time Functions 
  • Date Format Functions 
  • Date Arithmetic Functions 
  • Null Value Functions 
  • The INSERT Statement 
  • INSERT Statement Categories 
  • The UPDATE Statement 
  • The DELETE Statement 
  • Transactions 
  • Complex Table References 
  • The MERGE statement